BMW 507

BMWs best looking early creation the 507 was a sweet little V8 powered roadster.  Designed by Count Albrecht von Goertz at the suggestion of Max Hoffman and aimed at the American market the car was intended to sell around 5,000 units a year.

Count Albrecht von Goertz

A simple interior with thin rim wheel and delicate shifter belies the performance of the 507

Production costs were much higher than expected and the sales price of over $10,000 meant that the car did not sell well.  Even with the high purchase price BMW lost money on every 507 they built.  Nearly bankrupt as a result BMW ceased production on the car after only building 252 of them.

Elvis in one of the two 507s he had in his military days in Germany. This white one, the first he had, was originally owned by the racing driver Hans Stuck.


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  1. Steve says:

    Love this car! I can see how the Z4 evolved from this one.

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